101 Impressive English Words With Hindi Meaning

  1. Aberration = विपथन
  2. Abhor = घृणा करना
  3. Acquiesce = संतुष्ट होना
  4. Alacrity = तत्परता
  5. Amiable = सौम्य
  6. Appease = खुश
  7. Arcane = भेद का
  8. Avarice = लोभ
  9. Brazen = तांबे का
  10. Brusque = अशिष्ट
  11. Cajole = ख़ुशामद करना
  12. Callous = कठोर
  13. Candor = स्पष्टवादिता
  14. Chide = डांटना
  15. Circumspect = सावधान
  16. Clandestine = गुप्त, ग़ैरक़ानूनी
  17. Coerce = मजबूर करना
  18. Coherent = सुसंगत
  19. Complacency = शालीनता, प्रसन्नता
  20. Confidant = विश्वासपात्र, सहयोगी बनाना
  21. Connive = बढ़ावा देना
  22. Cumulative = संचयी
  23. Debase = भ्रष्ट करना, मूल्य कम करना
  24. Decry = दोष देना
  25. Deferential = आदरसूचक
  26. Demure = विनयशील, नम्र
  27. Deride = उपहास करना
  28. Despot = तानाशाह, निर्दयी
  29. Diligent = मेहनती
  30. Elated = उत्तेजित
  31. Eloquent = सुवक्ता, भाषणपटु
  32. Embezzle = पचाना, हड़प लेना
  33. Empathy = सहानुभूति
  34. Enmity = शत्रुता
  35. Erudite = वैज्ञानिक, विद्वान
  36. Extol = प्रशंसा करना
  37. Fabricate = गढ़ना
  38. Feral = जंगली
  39. Flabbergasted = हैरत में डाला हुआ
  40. Forsake = त्यागना
  41. Fractious = झगड़ालू
  42. Furtive = चुराया हुआ
  43. Gluttony = लालच
  44. Gratuitous = अहेतुक, मुफ्त
  45. Haughty = अभिमानी
  46. Hypocrisy = पाखंड
  47. Impeccable = त्रुटिहीन, निर्दोष
  48. Impertinent = अभेद्य
  49. Implacable = संगदिल
  50. Impudent = बेशर्म
  51. Incisive = काटा हुआ
  52. Indolent = अकर्मण्य
  53. Inept = अयोग्य
  54. Infamy = बदनामी
  55. Inhibit = रोकना
  56. Innate = जन्मजात, कुदरती
  57. Insatiable = लालची
  58. Insular = द्वीपीय, संकुचित विचार का
  59. Intrepid = निडर
  60. Inveterate = कट्टर, पक्का
  61. Jubilant = उल्लसित, आनंद करनेवाला
  62. Knell = समाधिवाली झंकार, शोक सूचक घंटे की ध्वनि
  63. Lithe = लचकदार
  64. Lurid = अन्धकारमय
  65. Maverick = आवारा
  66. Maxim = कहावत
  67. Meticulous = सूक्ष्म
  68. Modicum = भोजन की थोड़ी मात्रा
  69. Morose = उदास
  70. Myriad = असंख्य
  71. Nadir = पतन
  72. Nominal = नाममात्र
  73. Novice = नौसिखिए
  74. Nuance = अति सूक्ष्म अंतर
  75. Oblivious = भुलक्कड़
  76. Obsequious = चापलूस
  77. Obtuse = सुस्त
  78. Panacea = रामबाण, सब रोगों को अच्छा करने वाली औषधि
  79. Parody = हास्यानुकृति, हास्यपूर्ण व्यंग काव्य
  80. Penchant = लगन
  81. Perusal = अध्ययन
  82. Plethora = बहुतायत, अधिकता
  83. Predilection = लाग-लपेट, झुकाव
  84. Quaint = विचित्र
  85. Rash = उतावला
  86. Refurbish = फिर चमकना
  87. Repudiate = परित्याग करना, अधिकार से हटा देना, अस्वीकार करना
  88. Rife = प्रचलित, ज्यादा
  89. Salient = विशेषता-सूचक
  90. Serendipity = नसीब
  91. Staid = शांत
  92. Superfluous = ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा
  93. Sycophant = चापलूस
  94. Taciturn = अल्पभाषी, मौन, ख़ामोश
  95. Truculent = लड़ाकू
  96. Umbrage = साया
  97. Venerable = आदरणीय
  98. Vex = चिढ़ना
  99. Vociferous = चिल्लानेवाला
  100. Wanton = चंचल
  101. Zenith = चरम सीमा, शीर्षबिंदु

IDEA Towards Re-Modifying Education Online

I Know That Video Lectures Given By Professionals/Experts On Various Engineering & Management Topics Uploaded On Internet Which Is Great Way Of Educating Students In Way Of Technology & Leadership. But, Our Focus Is On Providing/Making Today’s Education More Practical & Initiative I.E. Simple & Clear To Understand. We Didn’t Make Age As Any Kind Of Obstacle In The Path Of Online Education. The Person Who Use Internet Wants Solution Doesn’t Care That You Are Perfect In English. If Some Solution To Any Specific problem Helps The Person Who Are Exactly Looking For That Solution Posted On Internet Via Social Media Like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn Or Online Discussion Forums Like Quora, OpenForum, etc, Then He/She Who Post The Solution Had Made Real Contribution In Creating E-Content Task Oriented & Goal Oriented.

Videos Uploaded On Internet Must Be In Hindi Language Also Not Only In English. Today, Websites Also Published In Multi-Lingual Version. So, Why Can’t We Upload The Videos On Internet In Hindi & English Both Languages. 

While Pursuing a Course/Degree in Specific Discipline of Studies like Psychology, Forensic Science, Software Testing, Photography, etc, Many Questions Arise:

  • How Many Tasks We Have To Be Performed If Get A Job In Our Field Of Interest?
  • What Kind of Software’s used in Our Job & How We Going to Use Them to Finish the Task?

Why Don’t We Share That Knowledge Which We Comes To Know Or Learn While Doing Job In A Specific Or Particular Profession Or Field Of Interest.

Only 2 Questions Makes E-Content More Effective And Efficient.

How Is This Possible, Points Of Interest In This Regard:

  • If A Student Comes To Know That This Specific Task He/She Have To Be Performed When They Got Job In Their Field Of Interest, Then He/She Must Looking For The Solution Of That Task On Internet. In This Condition Importance Of E-Content Is Increased.
  • If A Student Comes To Know That Specific Software Like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc, We Can Used To Finish Our Task Then Again Importance Of E-Content Is Increased.

To Fulfill Student’s Educational Needs From E-Content, We Must Write Task Oriented Articles In Forms Of Videos, Texts, Images In A Very Simple Way Which Can Easily Be Understand By Any Person Who Comes Online.

Steve Jobs Main Motive Behind Shaping A Technology, “Simple & Beautiful”

We Have To Update Articles On Following Questions:

  • State Wise & Category Wise List Of Companies, Institutes/Colleges/Universities In India.
  • State Wise & Specialty Wise List Of Hospitals In India.
  • Category Wise List Of Software Used By Private & Public Sector Companies And MNC & Non-MNC Companies In India.
  • Category Wise List Of Online Shopping Websites In India.
  • Category Wise List Of Online Tools
  • Names Of Specific Book For A Particular Subject I.E. 1 Book Out Of 1000 Books
  • In A Specific Field Of Interest Which Exam Need To Be Crack.
  • Particular Field Of Interest/Area Wise List Of Occupations In India
  • Industrial Wise List Of Businesses Running In India.
  • List Of (5 Out Of 10) Apps Used For Official, Educational & Entertainment Purposes.
  • List Of Online Tools Launched By Indian Government Having Description Of One Line Alongwith Link Of Website Put Up On The Name Of Tool.
  • Name Of Specific Institute For A Particular Course Or Discipline I.E. 1 Out Of 1000 Institutions.

We Can Also Build A Website Regarding:

  • (Free Of Cost) Online Tools Like E-Mail Extractor To Extract E-Mail Addresses From Whole Website.
  • (Free Of Cost) Facebook Page Analyzer Helps In Finding Who Is The Administrator Of Specific Facebook Page
  • (Free Of Cost) Indian Telephone Directory Helps People To Contact Desired Person Who Lives In India
  • (Free Of Cost) Search Engine Modifies Searches Deeply on Specific Terms like Microprocessor, Transistors, etc, Having Unique Identification in World of Education & Living and Presented In Form Of Points.
  • (Free Of Cost) Video Sharing Portal Where People Can Watch Interview Of Each Top/Middle/Low Level Management Business/Professional People In Mother/Native Language.

Yoga Becomes Mandatory In Schools, Playing National Anthem Before Broadcast Film On Theatre Screen Becomes Mandatory. So, Made Trips To Historical Museums & National Libraries, Conduction Devotional Acts & Seminars On Educational Topics Must Be Mandatory. We Do Encourage Students To Watch Entrepreneurship Films Like Jobs (2013).

Like In Hindi Movie “3 Idiots” One Dialogue “Nobody Talking About Startups And Inventions Instead Of Running For Marks In Exams Only To Get Job In America”.

We Have To Focus On Motivating Students On Building Projects & Inventing Startups Rather Than Just Scoring Marks To Get A Job. Why Don’t We Convert Theory into Documentation Of A Project

Famous Motivational & Inspiration Line from Hollywood Entrepreneurship Theme Based Movie: “The Social Network” – “Students Of Harvard Beliefs In Inventing A Job Is Better Than Finding A Job”

We Have To Proof ” Student Beliefs In Inventing A Job Is Better Than Finding A Job “

We Have to Reduce the Amount of Money Invested by Parents on Their Child’s Education & Graduation & Maximize the Amount of Data Regarding Online Education to Help Students in Learning & Building Tomorrow a Startup & Business Hub/Park/Station For Professionals.

Digital India: Projects, Missions, Schemes, Initiatives

What Is Digital India?

Digital India Is A Campaign Launched By The Government Of India To Ensure That Government Services Are Made Available To Citizens Electronically By Improving Online Infrastructure And By Increasing Internet Connectivity Or By Making The Country Digitally Empowered In The Field Of Technology.

Digi Locker



Swachh Bharat

National Scholarship Portal


Digitize India Platform

E-Governance / E-Kranti


Skill Development


Online Labs


Tactile Graphic

Software Technology Parks Of India

Vidyut Pravah


School Report Card | Know Your College

Jeevan Praman

Meri Sadak

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana ( PMKVY )

Mahila E-Haat

Government E-Marketplace (GEM)





Shaala Siddhi

Vidya Lakshmi Education Loan


Pharma Sahi Daam





Shaala Darpan

Cyber Swachhta Kendra


Open Government Data (OGD)


  1. PhD Scheme For Electronics And IT
  2. Electronics Manufacturing
  3. Rural ICT Project
  4. Core Banking Services In Indian Post Offices
  5. MTNL Tier 3 Data Center
  6. Installation Of Telecom Towers In Left Wing Extremist Areas
  7. Next Generation Network
  8. BSNL Wi Fi
  9. MTNL Roaming
  10. Digital India Newsletter
  11. National Centre Of Geo Informatics (NCoG)
  12. Text To Speech In 9 Indian Languages
  13. E-Payment Portal
  14. RFP For Empanelment Of Private Cloud Service Provider
  15. Digital Programmable Hearing Aid (Tarang)
  16. Special Manpower Development Program
  17. North East BPO Promotion Scheme (NEBPS)
  18. India BPO Promotion Scheme (IBPS)
  19. Launch of Products During Digital India Week
  20. Portal And Apps Launched In Digital India Week
  21. Communication Centres Launched In Digital India Week
  22. Cyber Village in Sikkim
  23. Karnataka’s “MobileOne” e-Governance service
  24. Launch Of Institutions In Digital India Week
  25. RFID In Prepaid Taxi Booth & E-Taxi Project At Howrah

Commodities & Economic Resources

What Is Commodity?

  • A Raw Material Or Primary Agricultural Product That Can Be Bought And Sold, Such As Copper Or Coffee.

What Is Raw Material?

  • The Basic Material From Which A Product Is Made.

What Is Primary Products?

  • Primary Products Are Goods That Are Available From Cultivating Raw Materials Without A Manufacturing Process.

How We Categorize The Market Of Commodities?

What Is Raw Commodity?

  • A Raw Material, Also Known As A Feedstock Or Most Correctly Unprocessed Material, Is A Basic Material That Is Used To Produce Goods, Finished Products, Energy, Or Intermediate Materials Which Are Feedstock For Future Finished Products.

What Is Feedstock?

  • Raw Material To Supply Or Fuel A Machine Or Industrial Process.

What Is Soft Commodity?

  • A Soft Commodity, Or Softs, Are Commodities Such As Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar, Corn, Wheat, Soybean, Fruit And Livestock. The Term Generally Refers To Commodities That Are Grown, Rather Than Mined; The Latter (Such As Oil, Copper And Gold) Are Known As Hard Commodities.

What Is Hard Commodity?

  • Hard Commodities Are Typically Natural Resources That Must Be Mined Or Extracted (Such As Gold, Rubber And Oil), Whereas Soft Commodities Are Agricultural Products Or Livestock (Such As Corn, Wheat, Coffee, Sugar, Soybeans And Pork).

What Is Livestock?

  • Farm Animals Regarded As An Asset.

What Are The Names Of Commodities Exist In Our Current Economic Markets & Which Code Is Apply For Trading Specific Commodity?

What Is Commodity Market?

  • A Commodity Market Is A Market That Trades In Primary Economic Sector Rather Than Manufactured Products.

What Is Primary Economic Sector?

  • The Primary Sector Of The Economy Is The Sector Of An Economy Making Direct Use Of Natural Resources. This Includes Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing And Mining.

There Are Three Sectors In Our Market Economy To Identify Nature Of Process For Various Types Of Natural Economic Resources To Build Hard Commodity & Soft Commodity Products:

Power Of Nature Made Each Country Rich In Specific Raw Sources That Can Be Used For Worldwide Economic Development Operations.

We Are All Excited To Know About Current Prices Of Commodities Like Gold, Silver & Food Items.

What Is Trading?

  • The Action Or Activity Of Buying And Selling Goods And Services.

Trading Of Commodities Push Demand & Supply Chain Of World Economic Production & Development. It Can Be Done Under Billing Process Approved By Country’s Government Rules & Acts I.E. Tax Invoice & Retail Invoice.

Welcome To The World Of Solar Energy

What Is Solar Energy?

  • Radiant Energy Emitted By The Sun.

What Is Radiant Energy?

  • Radiant Energy Is The Energy Of Electromagnetic And Gravitational Radiation.

What Is Electromagnetic Radiation?

  • A Kind Of Radiation Including Visible Light, Radio Waves, Gamma Rays, And X-Rays, In Which Electric And Magnetic Fields Vary Simultaneously.

What Is Radio Waves?

  • An Electromagnetic Wave Of A Frequency Between About 104 And 1011 Or 1012 Hz, As Used For Long-Distance Communication.

What Is Gamma Rays?

  • Penetrating Electromagnetic Radiation Of A Kind Arising From The Radioactive Decay Of Atomic Nuclei.

What Is X-Rays?

  • An Electromagnetic Wave Of High Energy And Very Short Wavelength, Which Is Able To Pass Through Many Materials Opaque To Light.

What Is Electric Field?

  • A Region Around A Charged Particle Or Object Within Which A Force Would Be Exerted On Other Charged Particles Or Objects.

What Is Magnetic Field?

  • A Region Around A Magnetic Material Or A Moving Electric Charge Within Which The Force Of Magnetism Acts.

What Is Gravitational Radiation/Waves?

Which Solar Technology Or Forms Helps To Achieve More Solar Power?

Introduction To Thermal Power Plant

What Is Solar Panel?

  • A Panel Designed To Absorb The Sun’s Rays As A Source Of Energy For Generating Electricity Or Heating.

Types Of Solar Panels?

A Solar Panel Is Made Up Of Solar Cells.

What Is Solar Cell?

  • A Device Converting Solar Radiation Into Electricity. Solar Cells Are Also Known As Photovoltaic Cells ( Pv Cells )


How Many Types Of Solar Cells Are There In Our World

How Many Companies Made Solar Cell In This World

Solar Cells Made Up Of An Silicon ( Si ) Element. Silicon Have It’s Own Physical & Chemical Properties:

Facts Of Silicon ( Si ) Element.

Every New Technology Have It’s Own Advantages & Non-Advantages Similar To Solar Energy.

How Many?

What Is Photovoltaic Power Station?

  • A Photovoltaic Power Station, Also Known As A Solar Park, Is A Large-Scale Photovoltaic System Designed For The Supply Of Merchant Power Into The Electricity Grid.

What Is Electricity Grid?

  • An Electrical Grid Is An Interconnected Network For Delivering Electricity From Suppliers To Consumers.

On-Grid & Off-Grid Are Two Methods Of Consuming Electricity Generated By Solar Energy.

How Many Sources Of Energy Are Exist On Earth?

Best Android Apps , Websites & Online Tools To Made Life Easy Online

List Of Best Android Apps:

  1. Daily Current Affairs GK Quiz: It Will Helps People To Stay Updated With Current News In The World.
  2. Faridabad Address & Phone: It Will Helps People To Find Shop Or Any Company Within Faridabad.
  3. APUS Booster+- Clean, Boost & All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner): It Will Helps People To Boost Speed Performance Of Their Smartphones.
  4. Android Device Manager: It Will Helps People To Find Their Lost Phones & Can Also Delete Their Data From Anywhere With This App. So, That Nobody Could Misuse Their Data.
  5. Hindi Dictionary ( Offline ): It Will Helps People To Find Meaning Of Any English Word In Hindi.
  6. Internet Accelerator: It Will Helps People To Boost Internet Connection On Their Smartphones.
  7. Mubble: It Will Helps People To Know Within A Week/Month How Many Local/Std Calls They Do & How Long They Talk?
  8. Hardware Info: It Will Helps People To Know Complete Specifications Of Their Smartphones.
  9. Mobizen Screen Recorder: It Will Helps People To Record Screen With Audio Of Their Smartphones.
  10. QuickPic Gallery: It Will Helps People To See All Your Photos & Videos At One Place.
  11. Empty Folder Cleaner: It Will Helps People To Clean All The Empty Folders In Your Smartphones.
  12. ViVaVideo: It Will Helps People To Edit & Make Beautiful Videos On Your Smartphones.
  13. Video Trimmer Guru: It Will Helps People To Trim The Videos By Selecting Desired Starting & Ending point Of Video On Your Smartphones.
  14. Video Tools: It Will Helps People To Cut, Merge & Mute The Video Including More Functions To Edit The Videos On Your Smartphones.
  15. Ringtone Maker: It Will Helps People To Cut The Audio Clip From Desired Starting & Ending Point Of An MP3 File In Your Smartphones.
  16. InstaSave: It Will Helps People To Download Videos & Photos From Instagram On Your Smartphones.
  17. Uninstaller: It Will Helps People To Uninstall Any App From Your Smartphones.
  18. CamScanner: It Will Helps People To Scan Any Documents From Your Android Smartphones & Create An PDF Or JPEG Version Of A Document.
  19. HD Files: It Will Helps People To View All The Saved Data Within A Phone ( Internal Memory ) & Card ( External Memory ).
  20. HD Camera 1080: It Will Helps People To Capture Beautiful HD Pictures & Record HD Videos From Your Smartphones.
  21. Fuel Price India Petrol Diesel: It Will Helps People To Check Out Daily Current Prices Of Petrol & Diesel In All Cities/States.
  22. Image Combiner: It Will Helps People To Combine Multiple Photos In Vertical & Horizontal Way
  23. UrbanClap: It Will Helps People To Find & Hire Home Cleaning & Repairing Services, Business Services, Beauty & Health Services & Personal Services At Home.

List Of Best Websites:

  1. Ambition Box: It Will Helps People To Learn About Company & Prepare For Written Interviews Conduct By Biggest Organizations Like Larsen & Tourbo, IBM, Etc.
  2. Shunya: It Will Helps To Saw The Original Photos Of Place They Would Like To Visit In India.
  3. Learner’sTV: It Will Helps People To Learn Their Favorite Course Online.
  4. Testbook: It Will Helps People To Prepare For Government Competitive Exams.

List Of Best Online Tools:

  1. MP3 Volume Online: It Will Helps People To Made Actual Volume Of Any MP3 File Upto 400% Louder.
  2. Compressor.Io: It Will Helps People To Reduce The Size Of Images If You Want To Upload Them On Your Website.
  3. Free Video Compressor: It Will Helps People To Reduce The Size Of Videos If You Want To Upload Them On Your Website.
  4. Free Make Video Converter: It Will Helps People To Add Multiple Videos Side By Side.
  5. Video Volumer Louder: It Will Helps People To Made Actual Volume Of Any Video File Upto 400% Louder.
  6. Facebook Video Downloader: It Will Helps Peple To Download & Save Your Videos From Facebook To Desktop.
  7. Showbox: It Will Helps People To Create Amazing Professional & Fashionable Videos Online.
  8. HelloFax: It Will Helps People To Send Fax Online All Over The World.
  9. Surfly: It Will Helps People To Share Their Desktop Screen With Their Friends Without Installing Any Software Or Plugin.
  10. Sejda: It Will Helps People To Edit Their PDF Documents Online.
  11. ClipCoverter: It Will Helps People To Cut & Download The Specific Part Of Video From YouTube Online.

2015 in review

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,400 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 57 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Everyone Can Do Internet Marketing & Promoting Business Globally

Everyone Can Do Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Stands For: “ Promoting Business Online ”

Are You In Commerce, Engineering Or Medical? It Doesn’t Matter.

If You Would Like To Increase Your Interest Then Always Ask One Question To Yourself Daily, When You Are Trying To Do Internet Marketing:

“ Is There Any New Method I Can Apply To Make My Business More Visible Online ”

Answered To This Question Turn Your Interest Into Passion & Your Business Will Always Get New Way To Discover Online.

There Is One Great Dialogue From Jobs ( 2013 ), If You Are Afraid Of Competition:

“ Don’t Look Up Of The Competition To Do Things Better, Look Up Of The Competition To Do Things Differently “

After Watching Jobs ( 2013 ) I’ll Comes To Learn True Meaning Of Different.

“ Different Means That Nobody Else Consider Possible & Seen Yet ”

Promote Business Globally

According To Time, Online Business Promotion Trends Change Right Now.

Watching HD Videos Online Is More Enjoyable & More Likeable Rather Than Reading Texts. So, Be Focus On YouTube. YouTube Is Awesome.

Tips To Create An Amazing Video:

  1. If You Are Shooting A Video On A Specific Location For Using It As A Video Background Then It Should Be Peaceful & Beautiful. Or If You Are Using An Image As A Video Background Then It Should Be Beautiful & Bright In Color.
  2. If You Are Speaking In A Video Then Keep Your Voice Soft & Very Clear. And Remember No Background Noise. So, That Only Your Voice Should Be Hear.
  3. Time Is Very Precious, So While Shooting A Video Be Focus On Message You Are Trying To Convey & Keep Your Videos Short.

You Can Create Videos Either By Yourself Or By Use Of Some Tools Like:

  1. Fiverr.Com
  2. Veed.Me

To Find More Tools, Visit ProductHunt ( Awesome )

Publicity Is Always In Demand For Promoting Business Globally Via Newspaper Or TV News Channel By Pitching Your News Or Articles.

“ Help A Reporter Out ( HARO ) ” & “ Muck Rack ” Are Great Websites To Connect With Journalists Or Reporters & Find An Opportunities To Get Your Business News Or Articles Published In News Magazines Like TIME, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Forbes, INC, Mashable, Wall Street Journal, New York Times & Many More.

Publicity Always Comes To Those People Who Are Trying To Done Something Wonderful To The World. So, Be Focus On While Creating The Product Before Launching It Or Introducing It In The Market Or In Front Of Your Target Audience.

Videos & Pitching News Are The Two Awesome Way To Discover Your Business All Over The World.

Blog Page Design

This Is The Design I Create In MS-Word


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