Search Engine Page Design

This Is My B.C.A Final Year Web Design Project Screenshots

Search Engine Page Design
Search Engine Page Design

Applications Page Design

This Is My B.C.A Final Year Web Design Project Screenshots

Applications Page Design
Applications Page Design

Video Player Page Design

This Is My B.C.A Final Year Web Design Project Screenshots

Video Player Page Design
Video Player Page Design

Home Page Design

This Is My B.C.A Final Year Web Design Project Screenshots

Home Page Design
Home Page Design

How To Represent A Single Product On A Web Page

This Is The Rough Sketch Of My Single Product Page Design Idea I Draw In Microsoft Word.

How To Represent A Single Product On A Web Page
How To Represent A Single Product On A Web Page

This Is The Another Rough Sketch Of My Single Product Page Design Idea I Draw In Microsoft Word.

How To Represent A Single Product On A Web Page
How To Represent A Single Product On A Web Page

This Is The Real Look Of My Single Product Page Design Idea I Create In HTML, CSS & JavaScript Programming Language.

In The Description Section Pricing Information Including Tax, Discounts, Coupons Also Added. Almost Everything.

How To Represent A Single Product On A Web Page
How To Represent A Single Product On A Web Page

How SEO Increased Organic, Referral & Direct Web Traffic

Internet Marketing Is The World Where Anyone Can Tag Himself As A Business Promoter Whose Job Is To Provide Information Online About Business Needs & Requirements In A Very Specific Way Which Can Not Only Enhance The Business Growth In Fact It Will Going To Be Build A Business Reputation Online.

The Way To Do Online Business Promotion I Know I.E. SEO

SEO Stands For Search Engine Optimization Which Involves Many Tasks That Can Boost Any Website Visibility Online Through Search Engines, Advertising, Social Media.

Web Traffic Increase By SEO Divided Into 3 Categories & I.E.

1. Organic Traffic
2. Referral Traffic
3. Direct Traffic

Organic Traffic Mainly Rise By Search Engines Means If Someone Found & Visit The Website Just By Googling On Google.Com, Searching On Many Other Search Engines.

Referral Traffic Can Be Increased By Implied & Non-Implied Linking, Adverting Campaigns, Submission Directories, & By Various Other Link Building Strategies Like Broken Link Building, Link Reclamation, Skyscraper Techniques, Local & International Business Listings, & There Are Lots Of More Activities Involved In Link Building Techniques.

Direct Traffic Means A User Directly Visit The Website Just By Going To The Address Bar Of A Web Browser & Type A URL Address Of Your Website Or By Clicking On The Link Which The User Bookmark To Navigate Later.

Let’s Talk About Organic Traffic First.

First Task In SEO Is To Optimize A Website For A Specific Keywords That Can Help Visitors To Easily Found You Online.

Mainly Google Is The First Priority For Increasing Web Traffic, The Way To Do Is Exactly Finding Those Perfectly Business Matched Keywords.

Now The Main Question Is How To Find Exact Keywords That Can Match Your Business.

I’ll Introduce You The Two Methods, I Know To Do That:

1. Either By The Help Of Keywords Research Tool Or,
2. By Doing Manually.

Some Best Keywords Research Tool That You Can Use:

1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner
2. Kw Finder
3. Bruce Clay Keywords Research Tool
4. Ubbersuggest
5. Wordstream
6. Wordtracker

If You Want To Manually Keywords Research Then It Took Some Time But Really Worthy.

How To Do Manually Keywords Research?

Suppose You Have Online Internet Marketing Business On Which You Have A Official Website Live on Internet Related To Internet Marketing

Now Imagine Yourself As A Visitor, Who Wants To Find A Website Whose URL Address Is ( Related To Internet Marketing Business ), What You Gonna Do Now?

1. Going To The Google.Com Or Any Other Search Engine Platform Like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu.

2. You Will Start Imagine Or Thinking About Those Words Which Exactly Matched The Words That Can Be Related To Internet Marketing Business Like ( SEO, SEM, PPC, How To Build A Website, Web Promotion, Online Marketing Strategies & Techniques, Content Marketing Ways, Best Internet Marketing Company Near, Domain Registration, Hosting Services, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Application Development Tool ) Or Written In The Body Content, URL Address, ( Heading, Page Title, Meta Keywords & Description ) Tags, If You Want To Find Home Page Or Any Other Page Of A Website I Wrote Above.

3. Typing One Of Those Words You Thought Into Search Engine & Look Over The Search Engines Results Page To Check Is There A Website URL Address For Which I Was Searching For.

4. Before Implementing Keywords Into Your Website, Must Check The Competition By Using Google Adwords Keywords Planner Tool.

Now, Comes To Referral Traffic Part

Main Task Here Is Put Some Really Cool Time Worthy Efforts Which Helps You To Be Recommended By Other’s On Their Own Official Website/Social Media Accounts Or Redirects The Visitor From Other’s Website To Your Own Official Business Website. This Is The Proof Of Your Good Online Business Reputation.

Referral Traffic Sources, That Can Help To Build Online Business Reputation Except By A Official Website:

1. Citation/Business Listings
2. Advertising
3. Non-Implied & Implied Linking
4. Submission Directories ( Articles, Videos, Audios, URL’s, Info Graphics )
5. Link Building
6. Guest Blogging
7. Social Media Marketing

Through Referral Traffic You Can Expand Your Online Business Boundaries, So Can Other’s Also View & Review Your Business That Can Helps You To Generate More Leads & Build A Great Online Business Reputation.

Finally, Direct Traffic Comes

Suppose You Visiting A Website Like & watching A Video On How To Build A Android Application On YouTube. The Video Is 2 Hours Long & You Only Watched 1 Hour Video Due To Some Work. Now What You Gonna Do?

1. Copy The URL Of That Video & Paste It Into A Notepad File, So You Can Remember The URL Next Time When You Are Going To Watched That Video Again.

2. Bookmark That Web Page.

All Of The Above 2 Steps Are Indicating That You Access That Web Page Directly By URL Address.

And That’s Exactly “ What Is Direct Traffic & Where It Comes From? ”

SEO = What, Where & How?

Welcome To The SEO World, This Is The Complete List Of SEO Tasks/Roles/Jobs/Duties/Responsibilities Have To Do.


  1. Creating Meta Page Title Tags
  2. Creating Meta Description Tags
  3. Creating Meta Keywords Tags
  4. Creating Heading Tags
  5. Creating ALT Tags
  6. Creating Social Media Sharing Buttons
  7. Putting Newsletter Subscription Option
  8. Putting Online Chat Support Option
  9. Creating Official Forum/An Online Discussion Page
  10. Creating Google Analytics Setup
  11. Creating Google & Bing Webmaster Setup
  12. Creating Official Blog Web Page
  13. Creating RSS Feeds
  14. Creating NAP ( Name, Address, Phone Number ) In The Footer
  15. Putting A Official Contact Number On The Header Of A Web Page In A Bolded Form
  16. Creating News Web Page
  17. Creating Press Release Web Page
  18. Creating Images Gallery Web Page
  19. Creating Videos Gallery Web Page
  20. Creating careers Web Page
  21. Creating XML & HTML Sitemaps
  22. Creating Videos
  23. Creating Audios
  24. Creating Info Graphics
  25. Creating Presentations
  26. Creating PDF’s
  27. Creating Press Releases
  28. Posting Discussions On Forum Page On Daily Basis
  29. Build Of List Of High PR Video Submission Websites
  30. Build Of List Of High PR Audio Submission Websites
  31. Build Of List Of High PR Info Graphic Submission Websites
  32. Build Of List Of High PR RSS Feed Submission Websites
  33. Build Of List Of High PR PDF Submission Websites
  34. Build Of List Of High PR Press Release Submission Websites
  35. Submitting Videos To High PR Video Submission Websites
  36. Submitting Audios To High PR Audio Submission Websites
  37. Submitting PDF’s To High PR PDF Submission Websites
  38. Submitting Press Releases To High PR Press Release Submission Websites
  39. Submitting Info Graphics To High PR Info Graphics Submission Websites
  40. Submitting RSS Feeds To High PR RSS Feed Submission Websites
  41. Uploading XML Sitemaps To Website Google/Bing Webmaster
  42. Highlighting Structured Data
  43. Sharing Business Related News On Website News Page Daily
  44. Post Planning For Updating Official Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn Page & Twitter Account
  45. Updating Official Facebook Page Status Daily
  46. Updating Official Google+ Page Status Daily
  47. Updating Official LinkedIn Page Status Daily
  48. Updating Official Twitter Account Status Daily
  49. Adding Many Useful Plugins, If Website Build In CMS Like WordPress.
  50. Searching Long Tail Keywords To Implement In Website
  51. Searching Various Other Blog Topics To Write On Them
  52. Writing Articles/Creating Blog Posts
  53. Submitting Articles On High PR Article Submission Websites And Also On Websites That Accept Guest Blogging
  54. Creating Search Engine Friendly Shortened URL Address
  55. Submitting Website To High PR Web Submission Directories & Web Awards Websites
  56. Submitting Blog To High PR Blog Submission Directories & Blog Awards Websites
  57. Writing Quality/Unique Content
  58. Optimizing Tags
  59. Optimizing Images
  60. Optimizing Videos
  61. Optimizing URL’s
  62. Optimizing Blog/Blog Posts
  63. Creating Official Google+ Business Page
  64. Creating Official Facebook Page
  65. Creating Official LinkedIn Page
  66. Creating Official Twitter Account
  67. Creating YouTube Channel
  68. Verifying Google Authorship
  69. Optimizing Google+ Business Page
  70. Optimizing Facebook Page
  71. Optimizing LinkedIn Page
  72. Optimizing Twitter Account
  73. Optimizing YouTube Channel
  74. Translating Websites Into All Languages
  75. Creating Domain For Each Language Version
  76. Creating Google Maps & List On The Contact Us Page Of A Website
  77. Gathering Information/Photos & Videos From The Client About New Business Celebrations & Events, Parties & Achievements, Tour & Trip, Participating In Any Social Or Any Other Activities.
  78. Update Website, Blog & Social Media Account Status On The Basis Of New Information You Gathered
  79. URL Canonicalization
  80. Reading New Articles, Blogs, News In Your Business Field Daily
  81. Listing Website On Local/International Business Listing Websites I.E. Doing Local & International Citation
  82. Checking Citation Status On A Weekly/Monthly Basis To Ensure Citation Is Correctly Done Or Not
  83. Finding Influencers/Experts Who Talking About The Same Business & Contact Them To Share Your Articles By Mailing Or Calling Them I.E. Blog Outreaching
  84. Monetizing Content By Google Adsense
  85. Doing WhatsApp Marketing
  86. Running Google Adwords Advertising Campaigns
  87. Running Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  88. Running Twitter Advertising Campaigns
  89. Running LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns
  90. Running YouTube Advertising Campaigns
  91. Running Bing Advertising
  92. Running Yahoo Advertising
  93. Running Contests On Facebook
  94. Creating Online Stores
  95. Email Forwarding
  96. Listing Products On Online Shopping Websites
  97. Building Content Marketing Strategy As Per Current Latest SEO Trend
  98. Conversion Rate Optimization
  99. Checking Website Google Analytics Status Daily
  100. Checking Website Google/Bing Webmaster Status Daily
  101. Checking Website Social Analytics Status Daily
  102. Checking Website Advertising Status Daily
  103. Conducting Webinar/Hangouts On Various Business Topics With Your Groups, Communities, Subscribers, Followers On Weekly Or Monthly Basis
  104. Posting Jobs Offers On LinkedIn, Facebook Page
  105. Reply To Each Comment On Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn Or Any Other Account/Website
  106. Reply To Each Direct Message On Twitter You Got/Received
  107. People Who Share Or Like Your Blog Posts, Status On Social Media Accounts Or On Any Other Website, Must Reply To Them
  108. People Who Rating Your Business Or Writing Their Reviews On Your Business, Must Reply To Each Of Them
  109. People Who Mention Your Brand/Business Name Online On Their Website Or Social Media Accounts, Must Reply Thanks Giving Message To Them Because They Found You Useful Information Provider
  110. Collecting & Building A List Of Email ID’s Of Users Who Subscribe To Your Newsletter & Notify Them About Your Latest Articles, Tools, News, Contests, Products, Events, Webinars On A Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Basis
  111. Broken Link Building
  112. Link Reclamation
  113. Implied & Non-Implied Linking
  114. Submitting Websites To Feedback Giving Websites
  115. Target Market Research (Demographically/Geographically) & Target Audience Research (Age, Gender, Pocket Size)
  116. Searching Competitors In Your Niche
  117. Doing Competition Analysis Between You & Your Competitors (Backlink Analysis, Citation Status, Online Reputation By Ratings & Reviews, Comments, Likes, Followers, Subscribers)
  118. Website Audit (Site Health, Security, On-Page, Off-Page, Online Reputation, Conversion, Social, URL, Analytic, Webmaster)
  119. Checking Website Page Ranking Status To Fix Any Google Penalty Issue If Found?
  120. Get Updates With The Latest Google Panda, Penguin Or Any Algorithm That Google Updates, To Manage A Website Page Rank Status
  121. Creating SEO Report To Measure Overall SEO Performance ( Page Views, Sessions, Average Sessions, Bounce Rate, Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Web Traffic, Direct Traffic, Referral Traffic, Organic Traffic, Number Of Leads, Revenue Or Earnings, Conversion Goals, Ranking Keywords, Number Of Backlinks, Citation Status )

There Are Lots Of New Things Or Ideas Comes Out, When You Read About SEO Current Trends, As Per Research

Purpose Of SEO Is To Make Your Website Easily Visible To Internet Users.