Commodities & Economic Resources

What Is Commodity?

  • A Raw Material Or Primary Agricultural Product That Can Be Bought And Sold, Such As Copper Or Coffee.

What Is Raw Material?

  • The Basic Material From Which A Product Is Made.

What Is Primary Products?

  • Primary Products Are Goods That Are Available From Cultivating Raw Materials Without A Manufacturing Process.

How We Categorize The Market Of Commodities?

What Is Raw Commodity?

  • A Raw Material, Also Known As A Feedstock Or Most Correctly Unprocessed Material, Is A Basic Material That Is Used To Produce Goods, Finished Products, Energy, Or Intermediate Materials Which Are Feedstock For Future Finished Products.

What Is Feedstock?

  • Raw Material To Supply Or Fuel A Machine Or Industrial Process.

What Is Soft Commodity?

  • A Soft Commodity, Or Softs, Are Commodities Such As Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar, Corn, Wheat, Soybean, Fruit And Livestock. The Term Generally Refers To Commodities That Are Grown, Rather Than Mined; The Latter (Such As Oil, Copper And Gold) Are Known As Hard Commodities.

What Is Hard Commodity?

  • Hard Commodities Are Typically Natural Resources That Must Be Mined Or Extracted (Such As Gold, Rubber And Oil), Whereas Soft Commodities Are Agricultural Products Or Livestock (Such As Corn, Wheat, Coffee, Sugar, Soybeans And Pork).

What Is Livestock?

  • Farm Animals Regarded As An Asset.

What Are The Names Of Commodities Exist In Our Current Economic Markets & Which Code Is Apply For Trading Specific Commodity?

What Is Commodity Market?

  • A Commodity Market Is A Market That Trades In Primary Economic Sector Rather Than Manufactured Products.

What Is Primary Economic Sector?

  • The Primary Sector Of The Economy Is The Sector Of An Economy Making Direct Use Of Natural Resources. This Includes Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing And Mining.

There Are Three Sectors In Our Market Economy To Identify Nature Of Process For Various Types Of Natural Economic Resources To Build Hard Commodity & Soft Commodity Products:

Power Of Nature Made Each Country Rich In Specific Raw Sources That Can Be Used For Worldwide Economic Development Operations.

We Are All Excited To Know About Current Prices Of Commodities Like Gold, Silver & Food Items.

What Is Trading?

  • The Action Or Activity Of Buying And Selling Goods And Services.

Trading Of Commodities Push Demand & Supply Chain Of World Economic Production & Development. It Can Be Done Under Billing Process Approved By Country’s Government Rules & Acts I.E. Tax Invoice & Retail Invoice.

Welcome To The World Of Solar Energy

What Is Solar Energy?

  • Radiant Energy Emitted By The Sun.

What Is Radiant Energy?

  • Radiant Energy Is The Energy Of Electromagnetic And Gravitational Radiation.

What Is Electromagnetic Radiation?

  • A Kind Of Radiation Including Visible Light, Radio Waves, Gamma Rays, And X-Rays, In Which Electric And Magnetic Fields Vary Simultaneously.

What Is Radio Waves?

  • An Electromagnetic Wave Of A Frequency Between About 104 And 1011 Or 1012 Hz, As Used For Long-Distance Communication.

What Is Gamma Rays?

  • Penetrating Electromagnetic Radiation Of A Kind Arising From The Radioactive Decay Of Atomic Nuclei.

What Is X-Rays?

  • An Electromagnetic Wave Of High Energy And Very Short Wavelength, Which Is Able To Pass Through Many Materials Opaque To Light.

What Is Electric Field?

  • A Region Around A Charged Particle Or Object Within Which A Force Would Be Exerted On Other Charged Particles Or Objects.

What Is Magnetic Field?

  • A Region Around A Magnetic Material Or A Moving Electric Charge Within Which The Force Of Magnetism Acts.

What Is Gravitational Radiation/Waves?

Which Solar Technology Or Forms Helps To Achieve More Solar Power?

Introduction To Thermal Power Plant

What Is Solar Panel?

  • A Panel Designed To Absorb The Sun’s Rays As A Source Of Energy For Generating Electricity Or Heating.

Types Of Solar Panels?

A Solar Panel Is Made Up Of Solar Cells.

What Is Solar Cell?

  • A Device Converting Solar Radiation Into Electricity. Solar Cells Are Also Known As Photovoltaic Cells ( Pv Cells )


How Many Types Of Solar Cells Are There In Our World

How Many Companies Made Solar Cell In This World

Solar Cells Made Up Of An Silicon ( Si ) Element. Silicon Have It’s Own Physical & Chemical Properties:

Facts Of Silicon ( Si ) Element.

Every New Technology Have It’s Own Advantages & Non-Advantages Similar To Solar Energy.

How Many?

What Is Photovoltaic Power Station?

  • A Photovoltaic Power Station, Also Known As A Solar Park, Is A Large-Scale Photovoltaic System Designed For The Supply Of Merchant Power Into The Electricity Grid.

What Is Electricity Grid?

  • An Electrical Grid Is An Interconnected Network For Delivering Electricity From Suppliers To Consumers.

On-Grid & Off-Grid Are Two Methods Of Consuming Electricity Generated By Solar Energy.

How Many Sources Of Energy Are Exist On Earth?