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How SEO Increased Organic, Referral & Direct Web Traffic

Internet Marketing Is The World Where Anyone Can Tag Himself As A Business Promoter Whose Job Is To Provide Information Online About Business Needs & Requirements In A Very Specific Way Which Can Not Only Enhance The Business Growth In Fact It Will Going To Be Build A Business Reputation Online.

The Way To Do Online Business Promotion I Know I.E. SEO

SEO Stands For Search Engine Optimization Which Involves Many Tasks That Can Boost Any Website Visibility Online Through Search Engines, Advertising, Social Media.

Web Traffic Increase By SEO Divided Into 3 Categories & I.E.

1. Organic Traffic
2. Referral Traffic
3. Direct Traffic

Organic Traffic Mainly Rise By Search Engines Means If Someone Found & Visit The Website Just By Googling On Google.Com, Searching On Many Other Search Engines.

Referral Traffic Can Be Increased By Implied & Non-Implied Linking, Adverting Campaigns, Submission Directories, & By Various Other Link Building Strategies Like Broken Link Building, Link Reclamation, Skyscraper Techniques, Local & International Business Listings, & There Are Lots Of More Activities Involved In Link Building Techniques.

Direct Traffic Means A User Directly Visit The Website Just By Going To The Address Bar Of A Web Browser & Type A URL Address Of Your Website Or By Clicking On The Link Which The User Bookmark To Navigate Later.

Let’s Talk About Organic Traffic First.

First Task In SEO Is To Optimize A Website For A Specific Keywords That Can Help Visitors To Easily Found You Online.

Mainly Google Is The First Priority For Increasing Web Traffic, The Way To Do Is Exactly Finding Those Perfectly Business Matched Keywords.

Now The Main Question Is How To Find Exact Keywords That Can Match Your Business.

I’ll Introduce You The Two Methods, I Know To Do That:

1. Either By The Help Of Keywords Research Tool Or,
2. By Doing Manually.

Some Best Keywords Research Tool That You Can Use:

1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner
2. Kw Finder
3. Bruce Clay Keywords Research Tool
4. Ubbersuggest
5. Wordstream
6. Wordtracker

If You Want To Manually Keywords Research Then It Took Some Time But Really Worthy.

How To Do Manually Keywords Research?

Suppose You Have Online Internet Marketing Business On Which You Have A Official Website Live on Internet Related To Internet Marketing

Now Imagine Yourself As A Visitor, Who Wants To Find A Website Whose URL Address Is http://www.xyz.com ( Related To Internet Marketing Business ), What You Gonna Do Now?

1. Going To The Google.Com Or Any Other Search Engine Platform Like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu.

2. You Will Start Imagine Or Thinking About Those Words Which Exactly Matched The Words That Can Be Related To Internet Marketing Business Like ( SEO, SEM, PPC, How To Build A Website, Web Promotion, Online Marketing Strategies & Techniques, Content Marketing Ways, Best Internet Marketing Company Near, Domain Registration, Hosting Services, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Application Development Tool ) Or Written In The Body Content, URL Address, ( Heading, Page Title, Meta Keywords & Description ) Tags, If You Want To Find Home Page Or Any Other Page Of A Website I Wrote Above.

3. Typing One Of Those Words You Thought Into Search Engine & Look Over The Search Engines Results Page To Check Is There A Website URL Address http://www.xyz.com For Which I Was Searching For.

4. Before Implementing Keywords Into Your Website, Must Check The Competition By Using Google Adwords Keywords Planner Tool.

Now, Comes To Referral Traffic Part

Main Task Here Is Put Some Really Cool Time Worthy Efforts Which Helps You To Be Recommended By Other’s On Their Own Official Website/Social Media Accounts Or Redirects The Visitor From Other’s Website To Your Own Official Business Website. This Is The Proof Of Your Good Online Business Reputation.

Referral Traffic Sources, That Can Help To Build Online Business Reputation Except By A Official Website:

1. Citation/Business Listings
2. Advertising
3. Non-Implied & Implied Linking
4. Submission Directories ( Articles, Videos, Audios, URL’s, Info Graphics )
5. Link Building
6. Guest Blogging
7. Social Media Marketing

Through Referral Traffic You Can Expand Your Online Business Boundaries, So Can Other’s Also View & Review Your Business That Can Helps You To Generate More Leads & Build A Great Online Business Reputation.

Finally, Direct Traffic Comes

Suppose You Visiting A Website Like http://www.youtube.com & watching A Video On How To Build A Android Application On YouTube. The Video Is 2 Hours Long & You Only Watched 1 Hour Video Due To Some Work. Now What You Gonna Do?

1. Copy The URL Of That Video & Paste It Into A Notepad File, So You Can Remember The URL Next Time When You Are Going To Watched That Video Again.

2. Bookmark That Web Page.

All Of The Above 2 Steps Are Indicating That You Access That Web Page Directly By URL Address.

And That’s Exactly “ What Is Direct Traffic & Where It Comes From? ”