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Content Marketing/Promotion/Branding Strategy

Before Doing Content Marketing/Promotion, Let’s Talk/Discuss About Quality/Unique Content:

Quality/Unique Content = 100%

Divide 100%:

70% = How Much You Can Provide More Practical Information To Your Visitors That Can Easily Hit Their Goals.

30% = Writing Content Is The Great Way To Share Your Knowledge But How You Can Write It Matters ( I.E. Content That Can Attract The Visitor Eye ).

That’s Why Highly Great Quality/Unique Content Engaged More Visitors.

Now, Proceed To Content Marketing Strategy Steps:

Step 1

First, Think About What You Want To Promote. Either, You Want To Promote:

  1. Videos
  2. Images
  3. Info Graphics
  4. PDF
  5. PPT
  6. Audios
  7. Blog Posts/Articles
  8. Website/Blog
  9. Press-Release
  10. News
  11. Products

Or Something New Except These 11 Things. It Will Depends Upon, What Actually You Want To Talk About?

Step 2

Second, After What You Want, Now Where You Want To Promote Your Content Mentioned Above.

  1. High PR Video Submission Websites
  2. High PR Audio Submission Websites
  3. High PR Info Graphics Submission Websites
  4. High PR PDF Submission Websites
  5. High PR Web Submission Directories
  6. High PR Blog Submission Directories
  7. High PR Press-Release Submission Websites
  8. High PR PPT Submission Websites
  9. High PR Article Submission Websites


  • It Will Helps You To Engaged More Web Traffic

Step 3

Suppose You Write A Article On “Internet Marketing” & Want To Share It With Those People Who Also Write/Talk About Internet Marketing (Influencers) Either On Their Official Websites/Blog/Social Media Accounts/Business Page. Now What?

  1. You Can Approach Them Either By Contacting Them By Email Or By Calling Them (Outreaching) To Share Your Article.
  2. You Can Submit Your Articles On Websites That Can Accept Guest Blogging.

BuzzSumo & Traackr Are The Best Tool To Find Influencers Online


  • Your Content Reviewed By Your Allied Business Related People.

Step 4

If You Have A Online Shopping Website Then, Listing Your Products On Various E-Commerce Websites Like Snap Deal, EBay, Amazon, Which Can Allows You To Add Your Products & Get Them Listed.


  • People Can More Easily Search & Found Your Product Online.

Step 5

Social Media Is The Powerful Way To Do Content Marketing/Promotion Ever!

More Than 80% People Visit Their Social Media Profiles Daily Within An Hour To Get Update From What’s New In Daily Life Going On.

News, Photos, Videos, Texts, Or Whatever It May Be, You Can Check Everything On Your Social Media Accounts.

How It Can Help You In Content Marketing?

Post Planning” & “Social Media Status Updates” & “Social Media Sharing

Info-Graphics & Videos Are The Great Way To Tell Your Online Social Media Friends Circle About What You Do?

Also You Can Share News. Best News Sharing Websites:

  1. TheNextWeb (TNW)
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. Hacker News
  4. Business Insider
  5. TheVerge

Step 6

Joining Online Group Discussion Forums & Sharing Your Opinions (Implied & Non-Implied Linking) Is Also A Great Method To Do Online Content Marketing.

Best Forums To Join:

  1. Quora
  2. Open Forum


  • Business Will Get More Reviewed & Visible Online

Here, This Is The List Of Tools:

  1. Post Planner
  2. Picmonkey
  3. Article Rewriter
  4. CreateYourOwnPressRelease
  5. Pik2chart
  6. Grammerly
  7. Hootsuite
  8. Tall Tweets
  9. Prezi
  10. IFTTT
  11. Only Wire
  12. Bit.Ly

You Can Use Them To Create & Promote Quality/Unique Content.

As Per Daily Research You Can Find More Techniques To Do Content Marketing.

Purpose Of Content Marketing Is To Educate Your Audience About Your Business Only.