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Business Card Promotion Email Template

I Would Like To Share My Own Idea To Represent Your Company To Your Allied Businesses Or New Clients, When You Were Just Trying To Sending An Email To Them.

In The Subject Line, You Can Write:

• Slogan Of A Company

In The Content/Message Box, You Can Write:

• Company’s Introduction

1. Name Of Company
2. Purpose Of Company
3. Logo Of Company
4. Founded In
5. Owner Of Company
6. Business Department/Industrial Type

• Business Services

1. Name Of Products/Services
2. Uses Of Products/Services


1. Name Of Clients


1. Headquarter Office Location/Address
2. Branch Offices Locations/Addresses

Contact Us

1. Name Of Contact Person
2. Designation Of Contact Person
3. E-Mail Id
4. Office Phone No
5. Mobile No

• Visit Us

1. Website URL Address

• Connect With Us

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. LinkedIn
4. YouTube
5. Google+
6. Pinterest