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Competition Analysis: What Should I Do More Than I Already Did?

Let’s Think…….

What You Can Do If You Already Did Almost Everything That Can Boost Online Web Marketing Productivity Or Feel like Nothing I Left?

Then What’s Next You Can Bring Along With Your New Web Marketing Strategy Or Plan.

To Do So,

Competition Analysis Is One Of The Amazing SEO Tasks That You Can Ever Do.

When You Enter The Internet Marketing World…….

Due To New Trends Comes Out In The Market Appreciated By Today’s Modern People’s Changing Lifestyle With The Passage Of Time, , Continuously Rising Competition Occurs & Get Noticed Between Companies To Companies.

But, How It Is Measurable?

To Overcome The Competition & Made Your Online Existence Remain Secure & Stable In The Digital/Internet Marketing World Is:

  • Analytics

Analytics Made Web Marketing Building Strategy Easier.

Let’s Start……

How To Do Competition Analysis:

  1. Select The Area In Which You Want To Expand Your Business
  2. Find Competitors In Your Niche

How To Find Competitors?

Suppose, You Have Online Marketing Business, & Want To Rank On “ Best Internet Marketing Company In Faridabad Or Delhi/NCR “ (Keyword).

Now, What To Do? Follow This Hierarchy:

  1. Go To Google.Com
  2. Type The Keyword

& Check Out The Results Shown On First Search Engine Results Page Of Google Like This:

  1. First Competitor
  2. Second Competitor
  3. Third Competitor
  4. Your Own Website

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Gooooooooooooooooooogle Next

Now, Pick Any 1, 2 Or 3 Competitors Whom You Want To Compete.

I’ll Introduced You, Two Methods To Do Competition Analysis:

  1. Either By Tool, Or
  2. Check It Manually

Best Competition Analysis Tool Are:

  • Rival IQ
  • Quicksprout

Best Backlink Analysis Tool Are:

  • OpenLinkProfiler
  • OpenSiteExplorer

Best Web Traffic Analysis Tool Are:

  • Similar Web Traffic
  • Compete.Com

Best Tool To Find Keywords On Which Competitors Ranked:

  • SpyFu

By Manually You Can Check:

  • Social Media Performance
  • Alexa Rank
  • Google Page Rank

All Of The Above 3 Points Can Also Be Measured By The Help Of Tools But If You Want To Do It Manually, Then How You Can Do It?

For Analyzing The Social Media Performance Of Competitors, Must Visit The Footer, Header, Primary Sidebar Menu Or Content Sidebar Menu Where Social Media Sharing Buttons Are Visible To Check Their Social Media Presence On Various Social Media Networking Websites Like:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Google+
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Pinterest
  6. Twitter

If Yes, Then Check:

  1. How Many Likes They Have?
  2. How Many Shares They Have?
  3. How Many Followers They Have?
  4. How Many Subscribers They Have?
  5. Read The Comments They Have?
  6. How Many Ratings They Have?
  7. Read The Reviews They Have?
  8. How Many Views They Got?
  9. What Type Of Status They Update?
  10. Style/Design Of The Images Used In Their Status?
  11. Do They Update Their Status Daily?

To Check The Alexa Rank & Google Page Rank Of The Website, SEOQuake Is The Best Web Browser Extension That Can Help You Or There Are Many Other Extensions You Can Find & Download As Per The Daily Research In Your SEO Work.

Purpose Of Competition Analysis Is To Build A Best Web Marketing Strategy In Terms Of Social, Keywords, Backlinks, Web Traffic & Many More In All Aspects, That Can Expand Boundaries Of Business Online & Made It Worldwide Visible.


  • What I Think, Whatever You Working On Is Useful? & Really What You Care About? Then There Is No Need To Do Anything Else Except Growing.