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Step-By-Step Ecommerce Business Setup Guide

I Wrote This Article From My Point Of View To Share My Thoughts On ” Starting An Online Ecommerce Store Or An Shopping Business Website “

Step 1

If You Already Decide To Start An Ecommerce Business & Want To Create Your Own Online Store Then,

I Will Strongly Recommend To Use:

  • Shopify

Go To Shopify.Com & Sign-Up To Create Your Online Ecommerce Store.


If You Already Have A Domain Name, Then After Creating An Account On Shopify Go To YouTube.Com, Type One Of This In The Search Bar:

  • Linking Your Domain to Your Shopify Store- DNS Redirect
  • Linking your Godaddy Domain to Your Shopify Store (NEW)

& Watch The Videos. Or

Shopify Manual Also Provides Solutions On “ How To Transfer Domain Name From Godaddy, BigRock, Bluehost, Hostgator, 1and1, Network Solutions Or From Any Other Domain Name Provider To Your Online Shopify E-Commerce Store ”.

Go To Shopify Docs, & Type Any Of This:

  • General Instructions For Custom Domains
  • Detailed Instructions For Popular Domain Providers
  • Using a 3rd-party domain provider

You Will Come Get To Know Step-By-Step How To Transfer Domain Name.

If You Want To Build Your Ecommerce Website Or An Online Store On Other Ecommerce Platforms:

  • Top 10 Best Ecommerce Website Builders For Creating Online Stores – On Beautifullife.Info
  • Best Online Store Builders – On Cmscritic.Com

Step 2

Once You Set Your Custom Domain Name Or Primary Domain Name Then,

Select Theme, Add Products, Managed Your Inventory & Setup Your Online Store.

Include Writing Content For Web, Creating Drop-down Menu, Uploading Logos, Photos Of Products, Writing Description Of Products, Creating Product Pages, Tracking Orders, E-Mail Verification & Forwarding, Connecting Social Media Accounts, Applying Sales Tax & Other Taxes, Shipping Rates, Choosing Payment & Delivery Options, Giving Discounts, Gift Vouchers & Coupon Codes, Installing Apps, Building Product Catalog, Receipts Of Billing Order & Creating Invoices, Providing Tech Support To Customer & Many More, Almost Everything.

Names Of Shopify Apps:

  • Zination – Product Catalog Builder
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Trusted Score
  • Mapify
  • Open Sign-In
  • Sellebrity Analytics
  • Pop-Up Window
  • Shopify Mobile For Android
  • Shopify Mobile For Iphone
  • Product Reviews
  • Facebook Store
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Site Booster
  • Automated Product Video Maker
  • Video Background
  • Currency Switcher
  • Langify Or Localize.js
  • Store Locator
  • Login With Amazon
  • Collection Filter
  • Related Products On Your Blog
  • SEO Meta Manager

You Can Find These All Shopify Apps & Other Apps Also In The Shopify Apps Store.

To Learn Shopify & How To Build Or Managed Your Online Store, Watch The Shopify Tutorial Videos On The Official YouTube Channel Of Shopify On YouTube.Com & Read This Article,

  • Ecommerce Business Blueprint: How To Build, Launch And Grow A Profitable Online Store – On Shopify Blog

Best Keywords Research Tool:

  • KW Finder
  • UberSuggest
  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  • Bruce Clay Keywords Research Tool

To Used Search Queries Or Keywords In Products Title & Description, & In The Meta Tags Of The Web Pages In The Website

Step 3

Once You Have Successfully Completed Your Online Store Setup. First You ( Owner Of The Store ) Have To Purchase An Item From Your Online Store, To Ensure That All The Invoices Are Created Properly, Billing & Shipping Address Are Correctly Mentioned After Once The Customer Proceed To Checkout Process.

Make Sure That:

  • Customer Get The Complete Receipt Of Order
  • Store Keeper Or Owner Receives The Confirmation Of Order

& There Is One More Important Thing To Focus On:

  • Quality Of The Product
  • Price Of The Product
  • Packaging Of The Product
  • Delivery Of The Product
  • Recovery Of The Product

Ask Yourself, When You Made Your First Sale By Your Own Cash Or Money:

  • How Unique Is Your Product Could Be?
  • Are You Providing Products At Reasonable Prices?
  • How Fast, Easily & Quickly You Can Deliver?
  • How Attractive Is Your Packaging Should Be?
  • How Quickly You Can Recover The Lost Sale Due To Damaged Inventory?

Now, There Is A Great Article Or Guide To Read About How To Make Your First Sale:

  • 50 Ways to Make Your First Sale – On Shopify.Com
  • How to Make Your First 10 Sales – On Shopify.Com
  • 95 Ways To Find Your First Customers For Customer Development Or Your First Sale – On jasonevanish.com

Step 4

If The Checkout Process & All The Other Factors Is O.K., Then It’s A Time To Connect Socially:

  • Create Official Business Facebook Page & Group
  • Create Official Business Twitter Account
  • Create Official Business Google+ Page & Group
  • Create Official Business LinkedIn Page & Group
  • Create Official Business Instagram Account
  • Create Official Business YouTube Account
  • Create Official Business Slideshare Account
  • Create Official Business Reddit Account
  • Create Official Business Pinterest Account
  • Create Official Business StumbleUpon Account
  • Create Official Blog Page In Your Online Store Website

& Update Your Profile Completely.

Step 5

Create Videos In HD Quality & Smooth Voice Tone, Upload It On YouTube Account.

Create Professional Presentations With The Help Of Prezi & Upload It On Slideshare.

  • PPT Must Be Short ( 8-9 Slides Or Maximum 10 )& Helpful.

Write A Blog Post On Business Related Topic & Update Your Blog Daily.

Fiverr.Com Is An Amazing Website Where You Can Find Many Professionals Who Can Create Videos, Graphics, PPT, Blog Posts, Audio, Advertising, Animation, Marketing, Website Design & Much More In 5$ Only.

Update Your Facebook Page, Google+ Page & LinkedIn Page Status Once Or Twice Within A Day Daily.

  • Keep Text Simple, Short & Meaningful
  • Use Hash Tags In Your Text
  • URL Is Shortened
  • Use Beautiful HD Image In Your Status

Update Your Twitter Account Status Daily.

  • Use Hash Tags In Your Tweets.
  • Talltweets.com Helps You To Create Long Tweet More Than 140 Characters.

On Facebook, You Can Post:

  • News Related To Your New Achievement Or Business.
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Knowledge Infographics
  • Images Of Your Online Store, Business Events, Trips Or Party.
  • Job Offer
  • Blog Posts
  • Invitation Call To Your New Business Event Or Party.

On LinkedIn, You Can Post

  • News Related To Your New Achievement Or Business.
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Knowledge Infographics
  • Images Of Business Events.
  • Job Offer
  • Blog Posts
  • Invitation Call To Your New Business Event Or Party

On Google+, You Can Post:

  • News Related To Your New Achievement Or Business.
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Knowledge Infographics
  • Images Of Your Online Store, Business Events, Trips Or Party.

Buffer.com Is The Awesome Website To Find & Update Highly User Engagement Post On Your Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Google+ Page & LinkedIn Account.

Post Planner Is Amazing Website To Post Best Photos, Questions, News, Quotes & Much More, On Facebook

TheNextWeb.Com Is An Amazing Website To Read Web News

Picmonkey Is An Amazing Website To Enhance Image Quality Automatically.

Update Your Instagram Status Once Or Twice Within A Day Daily.

  • Post HD Images Of Your Online Store.
  • Put Hash Tags With The Images You Are Posting In Your Status.

Update Your Pinterest Status Daily.

  • Create One Board & Upload Maximum 6 Pins To It.
  • Pins Your Product Pages.
  • Pins Your Blog Posts

Update Your StumbleUpon Status Daily.

  • Stumble Your Product Pages
  • Stumble Your Blog Posts

Update Your Reddit Status Daily.

  • Submit One Or Two Links Daily.
  • Choose Sub-Reddit Category Related To Links & Links Category Related To Sub-Reddit.

You Can Update Your Social Media Status Many Times As You Can. You Can Set Your Own Daily Posting Limit On Your Social Media Accounts.

IFTTT Is The Best Website You Can Use To Boost Your Social Media Sharing.


  • Reply To All Comments
  • Reply To People Who Shared Your Posts
  • Reply To All Likes
  • Reply To People Who Mentioned You In There Post
  • Reply To People Who Follow You On Pinterest, Slideshare, Twitter & Google+, Like On Facebook, Connect With You On LinkedIn, Subscribe To Your YouTube Channel, Like Videos, Comment On Videos, Share Videos.

If Any Activity Performed By The Visitor On Your Social Media Accounts Like I Mentioned Above Must Reply To Them. It’s A Proof Of Your Online Availability Status Is Active.

Invite Your All Family & Friends Circle To Join Or Connect With You On Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube & Pinterest.

Must Read:

  • How To Create Social Media Marketing Plan From Scratch – On Buffer Blog
  • List of 50 Must Follow Twitter Accounts for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs – On Shopify Blog

Shopify Blog Is The Best Ecommerce Blog To Read Daily & Find New Ways To Grow Your Online Business.

Read This Article Also:

  • 50 Favorite Marketing, Social, and Productivity Blogs – On Buffer Blog

Another Great List Of Must Read Blogs:

  • Moz Blog
  • Hubspot Blog
  • KissMetrics
  • Quicksprout Blog
  • SEOBook.Com
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Search Engine Land
  • Marketing Land
  • CrazyEgg Blog

You Can Find More & More Blogs As Per Your Daily Search To Gain More Marketing, Branding, Promotion, Online Business, Social Media, Search Engine, Mobile SEO, Advertising, Local Listings, Web Design, Bookmarking, Google & Bing Webmaster Knowledge In Depth.

Step 6

WhatsApp Marketing:

  • Install WhatsApp
  • Join WhatsApp
  • Create A Group Under A Business Name
  • Add Your Friends & Family, Colleagues, Or Anyone You Know To The Group.
  • Update Your Status Daily Once Or Twice Within A Day. You Can Post:
  • Images Of Online Store
  • Images Of Business Trips, Events, Party
  • Job Offer
  • News

Invitation Call To Your New Business Event Or Party

Step 7

Participate In Q&A On:

  • Quora

Quora Is The Best Q&A Platform Which Gives You An Opportunity To Post Questions & Get Best Answers To Your Questions. Also You Can Submit Or Write Your Answer To The Questions Asked By Others.

  • Open Forum Is Also The Amazing Website To Share Genuine Business Advise & Ask A Question To Get Best Solution To Your Professional Business Related Queries.

Step 8

Citation ( Business Listings ) Is One Of The Most Important Part In SEO To Get Found Online From Any Business Listing Websites.

These Websites List Your Business On Top International Business Listing Websites & Helps You To Get Discover More Easily On The Internet.

  • Moz Local
  • Yahoo Local Works
  • Yext
  • Whitespark

On These Two Websites You Get To Know Different Indian Business Listing Websites Categorized By PR Rank Or Alexa Rank To List Your Business Manually.

  • 50+ Local Business Listing Sites for Indian Business – On PCWebHow.Com
  • Top sites list for free local listing of business in India – On MyWPTips.Com

With Your Daily Search You Can Find More & More Indian Business Listing Websites To List Your Business & Get More Visibility Online.

To Learn More About Local Listings, Read This Article:

  • All About Local Listings – On Moz.Com

To Do Local Business Listings On Google Maps, Yahoo Maps & Bing Maps.

Read This:

  • Verify a local business on Google – On Support.Google.Com
  • Add Or Update Your Business Listing In Online Maps – On Help.yahoo.com
  • Adding A Local Or Small Business – On https://www.bingplaces.com/help


  • People Can Find Your Store Location From Anywhere In The World On Maps.


  • In Citation Or Local Business Listings, Reviews Are Most Important.

Reviews Are The Proof Of Your Online Business Reputation. So, Must Reply To Each Review & Ratings For Your Business You Have Given By The Visitor On Local Business Listing Websites, On Which You Are Already Listed.

Step 9

Who Is Your Target Market? & Who Is Your Target Audience?

These Are Most Important Questions Must Ask Yourself Before Jumping On Advertising.

Advertising Requires Money That Will Result In Expenditure Spend On Running An Ad Campaign In Your Niche ( Target Market ) To Gain Attention Of The Target Audience.

Read This Article, To Find Your Target Market ( Demographic Or Geographically )& Target Audience

  • How to Write a Marketing Plan – On Shopify Blog

Google Trends Is Awesome Tool To Find Your Target Market & Target Audience On The Basis Of Your Business Related Popular Search Items In Your Niche & Demographic Or Geographical Location.

Now, Comes To:

  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Pinterest Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • StumbleUpon Advertising

Promote Your Business Globally Or In Target Market With Your Target Audience.

To Learn More About How To Do Advertising On Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest In Depth, I Will Suggest You To Take This Courses From Lynda.Com ( Awesome Learning Website On Internet )

  • LinkedIn Advertising Fundamentals
  • Google AdWords Essential Training
  • YouTube Projects for Business and Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Fundamentals
  • Facebook Advertising Fundamentals
  • Pinterest for Business
  • Twitter for Business

To Quick Learn How To Create An Ad Campaign, I Will Suggest You To Watch These Video On YouTube:

  • How To Create A Reddit Ad Campaign – By Easy Internet Marketing Channel
  • How To Create A StumbleUpon Ad Campaign – By Easy Internet Marketing Channel
  • How To Create a Facebook Ad Campaign – By Chris Johnstone
  • How to Create a Twitter Ad Campaign – By t2 Marketing International
  • Setting up a LinkedIn Ad Campaign – By Social Samosa
  • How to Create Adwords Campaign-Adgroups – By Rahul Bisht

Step 10

Advertising Helps To Reach Millions Of People & Generate Tons Of Web Traffic Within An Hour. So, Once You Noticed That Your Website Or An Online Store Getting More Visitors Then This Is The Time To Monetize Your Web & YouTube Content To Start Generating Income From Content On Your Online Store & YouTube.

You Can Analyze The Whole Web Traffic With The Help Of 3 Websites:

  • Boostsuite
  • Google Analytics
  • Similarweb

These 3 Websites Are The Great Web Traffic Analysis Tool.

Now, Start Monetization:

Google Adsense Is The Awesome Content Monetization Tool Launched By Google To Help You To Earn Money From Your Own Website, Online Store Or Blog.

To Learn Google Adsence, I Will Suggest You To Watch These Video On YouTube:

  • How To Setup Google Adsense From Start To Finish – Adsense Tutorial – By Technologyguru77

To Learn More About Google Adsense, I Will Suggest You To Take This Course From Lynda.com:

  • Up and Running with Google AdSense

Step 11

Registered On helpareporter.com & Found Chances To Get Your Business Featured on Top Businesses & International News Channels Or Magazines.

To Know More About HARO ( Help A Reporter Out ), Watch These Video On YouTube:

  • How To Use Help A Reporter Out (HARO) – By Michael Kawula

Get Featured On News Channel Is An Amazing Experience Helps To Get More Visibility All Over The World.

To Get Featured, First:

  • Create Your Press-Release ( Story Or Business News )
  • Write An Article On Today’s Businesses Challenges

24-7PressRelease.Com Is Also The Best Press-Release Submission Website.

Wikipedia Is A Great Website To Submit Your Article.

To Learn More About Press-Release, Read This Article:

  • How to Write a Press Release [Free Template + Sample] – On HubSpot Blog
  • Press Release Small Business Encyclopedia – On Entrepreneur.Com


Publish Your Story Or Business News On TechCrunch, Mashable, TNW & BBC To Reach Out Potential Customers From All Over The World, Read This Article:

  • How to Get Featured on TechCrunch – On Shopify Blog
  • This Is How We Got Coverage From The Next Web & Venture Beat – On blog.trak.io
  • HOW I PITCHED @TECHCRUNCH AND 13 WAYS TO GET PRESS WHEN YOU LAUNCH YOUR STARTUP – On jasonlbaptiste.com & HOW TO: Get Your Social Media Story Featured on Mashable – On Mashable.Com
  • How to share your stories, pictures and videos with BBC News – On bbc.com

To Learn About How To Get Featured On Media, Read This Article:

  • 21 Ways to get Featured in the Media – On EpicLaunch.com

Link Building Is Also Good SEO Technique To Get Featured On Top Business Related Blogs By:

  • Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper Is A Technique To Find Terms Out Of 10 Or More Than 10 Words.

Suppose You Wrote “ Ecommerce Is Today’s’ One Of The Best Businesses  ”

Here, Ecommerce Is A Term On Which You & I Can Wrote An Article Explaining All About Ecommerce Trends, Tools, Apps, Websites, & Even Much More.

If I Visit Your Blog Where You Wrote This Line & I Found That You Didn’t Put Any Link On That “ Ecommerce “ Term Then I Will Approach You By Calling Or E-Mail ID , To Put The Link Of My Blog Post “ Ecommerce Business ( Title Of My Blog Post ) ” On The Term ( Ecommerce ) Explaining All About Ecommerce Trends, Tools, Apps, Websites, & Even Much More

Content Marketing Is Also Good SEO Technique To Get Featured On Top Business Related Blogs By:

  • Guest Blogging Technique
  • Products Listings

Best Websites To Get Your Products Listed On:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Snapdeal
  • Flipkart

Best Websites To Get Your Articles Published As A Guest Post On:

  • Hubspot
  • Moz


  • Increase Business Goodwill ( By Skyscraper & Guest Blogging )& Sales Are Also Increase ( By Products Listings ).

Step 12

Competition Analysis Is Also An Important SEO Task To Ensure That What We Didn’t Add To Our Brand Marketing Tasks Checklist. So, That We Also Cover That Task & Boost Our Brand Online Visibility.

Best Competition Analysis Tool:

  • Rival IQ
  • Quicksprout
  • Perch – Spy The Competition App

Best Keywords Competition Analysis Tool:

  • SpyFu

Best Web Traffic Analysis Tool:

  • Similarweb

Best Backlinks Analysis Tool:

  • Open Link Profiler
  • Open Site Explorer

Billions Of Websites Are Live On The Internet But Out Of Which How Many Are Used For Which Specific Category Health Products, Gifts Gallery, Food Products, Sports Products Or Many Other Category Products.

  1. Check All The Shopping Websites In Sub-Categories Wise – On alexa.com/topsites/category/Shopping
  2. Complete List Of Indian Shopping Websites By Category – On Indiafreestuff.In

List Of Other Best Tools & Websites

  1. Dupli Checker
  2. BrandYourself
  3. SoundCloud
  4. Viadeo, App.Net, Solaborate, Muck Rack, Triberr, Storify, Medium, Blogger.Com, Wikipedia
  5. Peek UserTesting
  6. Site Condor & Web CEO
  7. Product Hunter
  8. Marketo
  9. Traackr & BuzzSumo
  10. KnowEm & EyeEm
  11. Viewbooks & Flickr
  12. Mention.Net
  13. WebEngage
  14. Hello Bar
  15. CrazyEgg
  16. CoPromote
  17. GoFundMe.Com
  18. AppyPie & AppsGeyser


According To Today’s Current SEO Web Market Trends, To Market Your Brand Select Website On The Basis Of:

  • Amount Of Visitor Traffic Comes To The Website
  • Not Page Rank Of The Website

For Example,

  • In Real Life Brand Promotion Or Marketing Is Beneficial In Public Places Where Each Second All Brands Are Noticed & Chances Of Made Your First Sale Or Increasing More Sale Will Always Be There.

That’s Why Website Popularity Always Be Judge On The Basis Of Web Traffic.

As Per Your Daily Search You Can Find More Ways To

  • Generate More User Engagement On Social Media
  • Reach Potential Markets & Customers
  • Spy On Competition & Boost Brand Promotion Strategy
  • Generate More Leads & Prospects
  • Grow Email & YouTube Subscribers, Blog & Social Media Followers List
  • Find More Valuable Professional Contacts To Grow Business Network
  • Increase Sale & Inventory
  • Make More Money