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To Make Environment Relaxing & Smell Good

We Have To Build The Combustion Room To Cover The Outside Waste Material & Stop The Flow Of Toxic Air Into The Environment.

We Have To Build The Fire Ignition System In The Combustion Room To Completely Burn The Totally Wasted Material & This Fire Ignition System Also Helps To Destroy The Toxic Gases Like Methane Release After Burning Of Waste Material.

Toxic Gas Like Methane Is Responsible For Depletion Of Our Earth’s Protective Ozone Layer. We Have To Fight Against This.

So, We Have To Focused On Not Putting Toxic & Non-Toxic Waster Material Opened Into The Environment To Make Environment Air Good.


We Have To Build Ignition Fire Based Combustion Room To Burn All The Waster Material Internally Without Harming The Environment In Any Way.