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SEO Interview Questionnaire

This Is The Interview Questionnaire I Create Myself Just Few Days Ago To Ask Myself If I Would Like To Took Interview One Day In SEO, Then What Type Of Question I Supposed To Ask From Someone To Get Answer Of My Questionnaire.

  1. Forgot About The Degree You Have, Just Tell Me Why You Think This Profession/Field Suits You?
  1. If You Get Select For This Job, Tell Me The First 5 Activities You Think You Are Going To Perform?
  1. There Are Plenty Of Websites/Blogs On Internet To Gain More SEO Knowledge In Depth But Which One’s Is Your Favorite. Why?
  1. Tell Me The Name Of Your Favorite Websites To Do Citation, Submit Article, Presentation, Video, Audio, Website, Blog, Info-graphic, Press-Release
  1. Which Is Your Favorite Website Where You Can Participate In Online Discussion To Share Your Thoughts Or Opinions On Any Topic Or Any Question?
  1. Who Is Your Inspiration In Blogging?
  1. Tell Me The Name Of Your Favorite Tools With The Help Of You Can Do : [ Website Audit ] [ Keywords Research ] [ Article Spinning ] [ Content Marketing ] [ Social Media Management ] [ Finding & Removing Toxic Links ] [ Competition Analysis ] [ Blog Outreaching ] [ Content Creation ] [ Checking Content Is Copied Or Not ]?
  1. Which Is Your Favorite Blog Topic On Which You Want To Write An Article & Want People To Know What You Think?
  1. Which Is Your Favorite SEO YouTube Channel?
  1. Which Is Your Favorite Apps & Social Networking Sites To Do Online Marketing?
  1. To Do Content Marketing & Link Building, Do You Preferred Websites On The Basis Of Page Rank, Amount Of Visitor Traffic Or Both. Why?
  1. If You Published Your First Article Then In How Many Ways You Can Promote Your Article & Where ( On Which Websites ) You Are Going To Promote Your Article?
  1. Which Is Your Favorite Blog, Website, Ecommerce Site Building Platform?
  1. Tell Me The Points On The Basis Of You Are Going To Judge The Website, If I Give You The Website To Review From CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimization ) Point Of View To Find Missing Conversion Rates
  1. If I Said, You Have To Optimize YouTube Channel, Facebook, Google+ & LinkedIn Page Of A Company, How You Are Going To Do That?
  1. If I Said, You Have To Optimize Image Alt Tags, Meta Page Title Tags, Meta Keywords Tags & Meta Description Tags In A Website, How You Are Going To Do That?
  1. Suppose Our Company Launched A New Website Yesterday Having SEO Score 0 Currently Then What’s Your SEO Strategy To Increase SEO Score To At least 60. Tell Me Your Own SEO Strategy In 3 Steps:
  • What You Are Going To Promote?
  • Where You Are Going To Promote?
  • How You Are Going To Promote?

Keywords Research Major Page Ranking Factor

What You Write ( Each Word ) It Matters In Page Ranking. Conclusion Of 200 Page Ranking Factors.

How It Matters?

Suppose, You Wrote In Meta Page Title Tag:

<title> Technology Group | World’s Technical Knowledge Sharing Group </title>

Now, See How Many Words Are There Type By The User On Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex

” Technology “, ” Group “, ” World “, ” Technical “, ” Knowledge “, ” Sharing “

Great! Page Title Contains 6 Keywords. But, This Is Enough, Really!



Because Trillions Of Websites Are There Live On Internet & Should Also Contains Those Same Keywords That You Used In Your Meta Page Title Tag.

Now, The Question Is ” How You Can Rank If Other’s Already Ranked On Those Keywords? “

Answer Is: Keywords Competition Analysis

Check The Competition Of Your Keywords With The Help Of Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool To Check The Competition Level On Your Keywords.

Suppose, You Check The Competition For A Your Keywords Targeting All Locations & Google Search Engine:


Avg. Monthly Searches = 550,000
Competition = Low


Avg. Monthly Searches = 165,000
Competition = Low


Avg. Monthly Searches = 165,000
Competition = Low


Avg. Monthly Searches = 49,500
Competition = Low


Avg. Monthly Searches = 301,000
Competition = Low

It Means The Keywords You Type In Your Meta Page Title Tag Are Highly Searchable Queries & Having Low Competition.

Low Competition Means Only 20% – 30% People Are Using Those Keywords Like Technology, Group, Knowledge, Sharing, World & You Will Get A Better Chance To Get Ranked On Those Keywords.

But, As The Time Change, The Way Of Using Keywords Should Also Be Changed.

Now, The People Using Long Tail Keywords In Their Tags.

Examples Of Long Tail Keywords Are:

” How To Find High Traffic Ranking Keywords “, ” How To Get On First Page Of Google “, ” What Is Your Web Marketing Strategy “, ” How To Build A Website In WordPress “, ” How To Do Local Business Listings “, ” How To Make A Blog “,

Similarly, You Have To Do The Same Thing Like I Mentioned Above.

1) First, Prepared A List Of Keywords On Which You Want To Be Rank.

2) Second, Check The Competition On Those Keywords You Have In Your Keywords List.

3) Choose Keywords Having Low Competition & More Avg. Monthly Searches

& Write Them In Your Meta ( Page Title, Keywords, Description ) Tags, Image Alt Tag, Heading ( h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 ) Tags, & In Many Other Tags I Didn’t Know The Name Of Those Tags But You Will Comes To Know When You Are Going To Do Tags Optimization, Image Optimization, Video Optimization, URL Optimization, Content Optimization, Social Media Channel ( Facebook Page, Google Page, LinkedIn Page, Twitter Account ) Optimization, Business Listings, Products Listings & Even Many More

Because What You Write It Matters!