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Welcome To The World Of Solar Energy

What Is Solar Energy?

  • Radiant Energy Emitted By The Sun.

What Is Radiant Energy?

  • Radiant Energy Is The Energy Of Electromagnetic And Gravitational Radiation.

What Is Electromagnetic Radiation?

  • A Kind Of Radiation Including Visible Light, Radio Waves, Gamma Rays, And X-Rays, In Which Electric And Magnetic Fields Vary Simultaneously.

What Is Radio Waves?

  • An Electromagnetic Wave Of A Frequency Between About 104 And 1011 Or 1012 Hz, As Used For Long-Distance Communication.

What Is Gamma Rays?

  • Penetrating Electromagnetic Radiation Of A Kind Arising From The Radioactive Decay Of Atomic Nuclei.

What Is X-Rays?

  • An Electromagnetic Wave Of High Energy And Very Short Wavelength, Which Is Able To Pass Through Many Materials Opaque To Light.

What Is Electric Field?

  • A Region Around A Charged Particle Or Object Within Which A Force Would Be Exerted On Other Charged Particles Or Objects.

What Is Magnetic Field?

  • A Region Around A Magnetic Material Or A Moving Electric Charge Within Which The Force Of Magnetism Acts.

What Is Gravitational Radiation/Waves?

Which Solar Technology Or Forms Helps To Achieve More Solar Power?

Introduction To Thermal Power Plant

What Is Solar Panel?

  • A Panel Designed To Absorb The Sun’s Rays As A Source Of Energy For Generating Electricity Or Heating.

Types Of Solar Panels?

A Solar Panel Is Made Up Of Solar Cells.

What Is Solar Cell?

  • A Device Converting Solar Radiation Into Electricity. Solar Cells Are Also Known As Photovoltaic Cells ( Pv Cells )


How Many Types Of Solar Cells Are There In Our World

How Many Companies Made Solar Cell In This World

Solar Cells Made Up Of An Silicon ( Si ) Element. Silicon Have It’s Own Physical & Chemical Properties:

Facts Of Silicon ( Si ) Element.

Every New Technology Have It’s Own Advantages & Non-Advantages Similar To Solar Energy.

How Many?

What Is Photovoltaic Power Station?

  • A Photovoltaic Power Station, Also Known As A Solar Park, Is A Large-Scale Photovoltaic System Designed For The Supply Of Merchant Power Into The Electricity Grid.

What Is Electricity Grid?

  • An Electrical Grid Is An Interconnected Network For Delivering Electricity From Suppliers To Consumers.

On-Grid & Off-Grid Are Two Methods Of Consuming Electricity Generated By Solar Energy.

How Many Sources Of Energy Are Exist On Earth?