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IDEA Towards Re-Modifying Education Online

  • Videos Uploaded On YouTube Or Any Other Video Sharing Social Media Stream Regarding Educational Topics, Corporate/Professional Interviews, Must Be In Hindi Language Also, Not Only In English Language.

  • While Creating A Video Tutorials Keep One Thing On Top Priority i.e. Sharing Is Caring. So, Always Share The Practical & Real World Information Means Technical & Non-Technical Troubleshooting Solutions/Share Everything What We Know About Specific Industry.

Tips To Create An Amazing Video:

  1. If You Are Shooting A Video On A Specific Location For Using It As A Video Background Then It Should Be Peaceful & Beautiful. Or If You Are Using An Image As A Video Background Then It Should Be Beautiful & Bright In Colour.
  2. If You Are Speaking In A Video Then Keep Your Voice Soft & Very Clear. And Remember No Background Noise. So, That Only Your Voice Should Be Hear.
  3. Time Is Very Precious, So While Shooting A Video Be Focus On Message You Are Trying To Convey & Keep Your Videos Short.

  • For Various Tasks In Various Industries, Many Software’s Are Used. So, Essential Training Of Software From Beginner To Expert Level Must Be Provided To The Students In Schools.

  • Students Getting Education In Schools Are The First Stage Of Devotion Towards Building Development Country. So, We Have To Inspire Students Through Educational Movies Like: Jobs (2013), The Social Network (2010).

  • Trips To Historical Museums & Libraries Helps To Understand The Geography, History & Civics Of Country. So, These Types Of Trips Must Be Essential In All Schools.

  • Inspiring Students To Build A Useful & Helpful Product Is Very Important Rather Than Focuses On Scoring Higher Marks Because We Need More Start-Ups. Most Inspirational Dialogue From Movie: Jobs (2013) :- “ I Don’t Care With This Technology; Just Build Something Which Is Useful, Something You Care About ”. Invention Of Each New Product Leads To Starting A New Start-Up.