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IDEA Towards Re-Modifying Education Online

I Know That Video Lectures Given By Professionals/Experts On Various Engineering & Management Topics Uploaded On Internet Which Is Great Way Of Educating Students In Way Of Technology & Leadership. But, Our Focus Is On Providing/Making Today’s Education More Practical & Initiative I.E. Simple & Clear To Understand. We Didn’t Make Age As Any Kind Of Obstacle In The Path Of Online Education. The Person Who Use Internet Wants Solution Doesn’t Care That You Are Perfect In English. If Some Solution To Any Specific problem Helps The Person Who Are Exactly Looking For That Solution Posted On Internet Via Social Media Like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn Or Online Discussion Forums Like Quora, OpenForum, etc, Then He/She Who Post The Solution Had Made Real Contribution In Creating E-Content Task Oriented & Goal Oriented.

Videos Uploaded On Internet Must Be In Hindi Language Also Not Only In English. Today, Websites Also Published In Multi-Lingual Version. So, Why Can’t We Upload The Videos On Internet In Hindi & English Both Languages. 

While Pursuing a Course/Degree in Specific Discipline of Studies like Psychology, Forensic Science, Software Testing, Photography, etc, Many Questions Arise:

  • How Many Tasks We Have To Be Performed If Get A Job In Our Field Of Interest?
  • What Kind of Software’s used in Our Job & How We Going to Use Them to Finish the Task?

Why Don’t We Share That Knowledge Which We Comes To Know Or Learn While Doing Job In A Specific Or Particular Profession Or Field Of Interest.

Only 2 Questions Makes E-Content More Effective And Efficient.

How Is This Possible, Points Of Interest In This Regard:

  • If A Student Comes To Know That This Specific Task He/She Have To Be Performed When They Got Job In Their Field Of Interest, Then He/She Must Looking For The Solution Of That Task On Internet. In This Condition Importance Of E-Content Is Increased.
  • If A Student Comes To Know That Specific Software Like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc, We Can Used To Finish Our Task Then Again Importance Of E-Content Is Increased.

To Fulfill Student’s Educational Needs From E-Content, We Must Write Task Oriented Articles In Forms Of Videos, Texts, Images In A Very Simple Way Which Can Easily Be Understand By Any Person Who Comes Online.

Steve Jobs Main Motive Behind Shaping A Technology, “Simple & Beautiful”

We Have To Update Articles On Following Questions:

  • State Wise & Category Wise List Of Companies, Institutes/Colleges/Universities In India.
  • State Wise & Specialty Wise List Of Hospitals In India.
  • Category Wise List Of Software Used By Private & Public Sector Companies And MNC & Non-MNC Companies In India.
  • Category Wise List Of Online Shopping Websites In India.
  • Category Wise List Of Online Tools
  • Names Of Specific Book For A Particular Subject I.E. 1 Book Out Of 1000 Books
  • In A Specific Field Of Interest Which Exam Need To Be Crack.
  • Particular Field Of Interest/Area Wise List Of Occupations In India
  • Industrial Wise List Of Businesses Running In India.
  • List Of (5 Out Of 10) Apps Used For Official, Educational & Entertainment Purposes.
  • List Of Online Tools Launched By Indian Government Having Description Of One Line Alongwith Link Of Website Put Up On The Name Of Tool.
  • Name Of Specific Institute For A Particular Course Or Discipline I.E. 1 Out Of 1000 Institutions.

We Can Also Build A Website Regarding:

  • (Free Of Cost) Online Tools Like E-Mail Extractor To Extract E-Mail Addresses From Whole Website.
  • (Free Of Cost) Facebook Page Analyzer Helps In Finding Who Is The Administrator Of Specific Facebook Page
  • (Free Of Cost) Indian Telephone Directory Helps People To Contact Desired Person Who Lives In India
  • (Free Of Cost) Search Engine Modifies Searches Deeply on Specific Terms like Microprocessor, Transistors, etc, Having Unique Identification in World of Education & Living and Presented In Form Of Points.
  • (Free Of Cost) Video Sharing Portal Where People Can Watch Interview Of Each Top/Middle/Low Level Management Business/Professional People In Mother/Native Language.

Yoga Becomes Mandatory In Schools, Playing National Anthem Before Broadcast Film On Theatre Screen Becomes Mandatory. So, Made Trips To Historical Museums & National Libraries, Conduction Devotional Acts & Seminars On Educational Topics Must Be Mandatory. We Do Encourage Students To Watch Entrepreneurship Films Like Jobs (2013).

Like In Hindi Movie “3 Idiots” One Dialogue “Nobody Talking About Startups And Inventions Instead Of Running For Marks In Exams Only To Get Job In America”.

We Have To Focus On Motivating Students On Building Projects & Inventing Startups Rather Than Just Scoring Marks To Get A Job. Why Don’t We Convert Theory into Documentation Of A Project

Famous Motivational & Inspiration Line from Hollywood Entrepreneurship Theme Based Movie: “The Social Network” – “Students Of Harvard Beliefs In Inventing A Job Is Better Than Finding A Job”

We Have To Proof ” Student Beliefs In Inventing A Job Is Better Than Finding A Job “

We Have to Reduce the Amount of Money Invested by Parents on Their Child’s Education & Graduation & Maximize the Amount of Data Regarding Online Education to Help Students in Learning & Building Tomorrow a Startup & Business Hub/Park/Station For Professionals.


  • Videos Uploaded On YouTube Or Any Other Video Sharing Social Media Stream Regarding Educational Topics, Corporate/Professional Interviews, Must Be In Hindi Language Also, Not Only In English Language.
  • While Creating A Video Tutorials Keep One Thing On Top Priority i.e. Sharing Is Caring. So, Always Share The Practical & Real World Information Means Technical & Non-Technical Troubleshooting Solutions/Share Everything What We Know About Specific Industry.

Tips To Create An Amazing Video:

  1. If You Are Shooting A Video On A Specific Location For Using It As A Video Background Then It Should Be Peaceful & Beautiful. Or If You Are Using An Image As A Video Background Then It Should Be Beautiful & Bright In Colour.
  2. If You Are Speaking In A Video Then Keep Your Voice Soft & Very Clear. And Remember No Background Noise. So, That Only Your Voice Should Be Hear.
  3. Time Is Very Precious, So While Shooting A Video Be Focus On Message You Are Trying To Convey & Keep Your Videos Short.
  • For Various Tasks In Various Industries, Many Software’s Are Used. So, Essential Training Of Software From Beginner To Expert Level Must Be Provided To The Students In Schools.
  • Students Getting Education In Schools Are The First Stage Of Devotion Towards Building Development Country. So, We Have To Inspire Students Through Educational Movies Like: Jobs (2013), The Social Network (2010).
  • Trips To Historical Museums & Libraries Helps To Understand The Geography, History & Civics Of Country. So, These Types Of Trips Must Be Essential In All Schools.
  • Inspiring Students To Build A Useful & Helpful Product Is Very Important Rather Than Focuses On Scoring Higher Marks Because We Need More Start-Ups. Most Inspirational Dialogue From Movie: Jobs (2013) :- “ I Don’t Care With This Technology; Just Build Something Which Is Useful, Something You Care About ”. Invention Of Each New Product Leads To Starting A New Start-Up.